The Singing Sicko!




These past 2 weeks have been hectic. Which includes: rehearsal and being sick. So, I am back,kind of, I am still getting over whatever I had but by God’s strength and healing I am getting there.

Well, today is the 21st of January. This month is almost over and I still have not heard anything back from AGT ( America’s Got Talent). I am still trying to wait until the first week of February to tell ya’ll how that day went and my view on how I think things should have been done. Anyways, I still get to utilize my voice with an awesome group ( Singing and singing about God) So, that will keep me going until I begin my project with my SINGING CAREER) The church is awesome, I have a cool and anointed teacher who does just what I have always talked about: Putting God first! Taking your profession serious when it comes to singing, doing vocal warm ups,making sure we take care of our voices and singing correctly and so much more.

That is about all for now. I am going to go back to taking care of myself.  I HATE being sick!

Just in case you don’t get this blog:  I am apologizing for not writing in my blog like I should and the reasons I have not been writing like I should. 🙂 Love Ya


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