Say Something!

I believe if you have wisdom, you will have a greater chance of making your life better. IT IS TRULY UP TO YOU!!!!!!!!

I cried out to God and once I did that I was able to think a little clearly.  And  get my thoughts together. I said everything I felt in my heart. I just want to be able to allow God to guide me and do what is in His will. Because whatever he has for I me, I know it is better for me then what I have been doing. I’ve been making choices and they have not been good choices ( so for making my bad choices ) I am in a situation that I do not like but I can deal with it for now. ( I promise when I get out of my situation, I will tell you)

Since I have a relationship with God and I want to follow Him, I feel like…. I know…. I should be consulting with Him first, then me and my husband pray and we go from their with making our decisions. Since I have given it to God ( yesterday) I mean I have really begun to give it to Him. I feel like weight has lift off of me and now I can fight and think clearly and make better decisions.

Well, that is all I can say for now. I will say, “the relationship that I have with God…. I need to say something so I can get my mind right”. And be the Erica  that I need to BE!

My God means a lot to me and I will always fight to know Him more. I want Him in my life. Why don’t you try Him for yourself.


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