Perfect Will



I feel pretty good today. I have an optimistic mindset. And it is because of God, I give all of my glory and honor to Him because I am able to keep going and I am not looking back at my past. Yesterday, was a very interesting day: My husband and I were blessed financially and we were not even looking forward to that. That is why they say,” God works in mysterious ways”. You never know when a blessing is on the way.

I thought about this, this morning. I feel like when you begin to grasp the errors of your ways, then God blesses you. I am not saying that He want bless you when you are down and in despair. But I feel when you are gaining wisdom and you are telling God, “I want to do it your way”, I believe He starts to open up doors to unexpected blessings.  When He can bless you with the little things and you are still happy and joyful with what He has blessed you with. Then you know you are growing in Him, when you are thankful for the little. When you are thankful for the little, He will give you the bigger blessings (Those bigger blessings are defined by that individual) . Whether it is financially, or a  mental and physical breakthrough, or whatever you need or ask for:

( This is a good scripture for this post)  Be faithful

I know I am rambling through this post but In, just what my husband and I are going through right now….God is teaching us how to be faithful and VERY thankful in what we have and where we are now. And I am truly honored because I know 2017 ( based off of what me and my husband do) We will have a SPONTANEOUS YEAR!

I honestly pray through every decision we make as a married couple (a covenant with God) That it is done in His PERFECT will and not ours. Whatever He has for us will be better then what we have for ourselves. And I pray the same thing for married and single couples as well.


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