Just a thought!


I don’t really have much to say today but I do thank God that I am beating procrastination and sticking to what I want in life. I do pray that it is in God’s will, because when it is in His will, I believe that everything will fall in place and things will go smoothly in my life. Not saying that problems want arise (that is part of life) but I will know that everything was done in God’s timing. Plus, I want all my decisions to be better then what they were before. Just a little thought to share with myself and whoever reads my blogs. Have a bless day! And may you make a difference in life.


Surrendering To God

I love sharing my heart because I feel what I share from it will help others who watch my video.

What makes this singing video special is how it connects with what I heard at church today ( http://fathomchurchjax.com/) I sung this song on Saturday and then at church today a guest speaker talked about giving your heart and surrendering to God. I was amazed because I sung the song (I surrender all). It is amazing how God connects things together.

What makes it all more beautiful is when I cried. You remember when I told you that it seems like I was angry with God or I have a hard time speaking with Him?  Well, what I figure out was that it was not God. I believe that I was harboring what was happening to me and my husband at the time and I did not realize how it effected me. It was that bad, to the point, there were no feelings involved, no crying. Just pushing through and being content where I was ( it mentally mess me up). So, that day at church I poured my heart out and tears poured down like I’ve been holding those tears for the longest.And it felt like my heart was being relieve from the pain I was holding on the inside. When I let those tears go, I felt like my heart was saying,”let it ALL go”!

Please listen to the whole video. And listen to my Heart!

back view of lovely young couple hugging in winter

Where me and my husband are at right now, let’s me know this is going to be an interesting year. This year is more of a race to see where me and my husband will be at in 2018! All I will state is: Make better decisions with your life because they will and can ruin or make your future better.

PS. It is really up to you, how you want your life to be. It really is! It really is!

America’s Got Talent Experience

When I see this I wish I could of had a chance!

A while back I said, I would be making a video about my experience with AGT ( America’s Got Talent) I decided to do it Sunday because today is the last day for auditions in Los Angeles, Cali.  So, I will wait until then. I sometimes question why am I waiting? I know I am not going to get called to go to the next round. And the reason I said that is because when you watch my video you will see and understand why. I will also explain in the video about my experience with America Idol and why I didn’t want to do AGT and how I am pushing myself to do any singing auditions regardless of the outcome.

I am pretty bothered about this audition because of what took place after the audition. Let me stop. Look out for the video tomorrow.

Look At Your LIFE!



I learned something last night. We often blamed God for the decisions we have made instead of blaming ourselves or the people that made our lives miserable. We never question the other person or ourselves on why we are the way we are or why we are in the situation we are in .

Sit back and look at your life, your situation and see where everything went wrong. Whether it was yours or the other person choices or wrong doing towards you. We as humans, have choices to make. And some of those choices  will help or hurt others around you or even yourself, and can possibly ruin your life. But don’t be mad at God, be mad at the person. That person ( whether Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Cousin or whoever it was or is in your life)  had a choice to make your life better but that person decided and made a choice and now you are in a place you do not like.  This is when I believe you need God the most. You need God everyday (  I say this because of the situation I am in- I’ve come to realize that I need Him more then ever) And I do not ever want to forget that.

We all need (even me)  to analyze ourselves and to see why we are in the predicament we are in? I mean, really, Think.  We as humans don’t THINK as much ( including me).  I am not judging anyone or pointing fingers. Because whatever you are feeling right now and going through- At one point in my life, I have blamed God but when I sit back and look at my life and where I am at now, I’ve noticed that most of my problems are because of ME.

Now, if you are in a situation, where it was caused by an individual, know that it was them, not God. They made that choice not God. Here are a couple of verses about free will: We all have free will, what is your choice?

If your parents caused any problems in your life and hurt you, don’t blame God- They had a choice: Free Will
If your sister or brother caused any problems in your life and hurt you, don’t blame God- They had a choice: Free Will
If your Uncle or Aunt caused any problems in your life and hurt you, don’t blame God-They had a choice: Free Will
If your Cousin or Nephew/Niece caused any problems in your life and hurt you, don’t blame God-They had a choice: Free Will
If your Husband or Wife caused any problems in your life and hurt you, don’t blame God-They had a choice: Free Will

I really hope this post helps you. I write this because I learn from experience. This is half my opinion and half what God’s word says. It is up to you, how you view this post.  I write what is on my heart and mind. It’s my choice/my FREE WILL





Situations, Situations, Situations!



The situation I am in could put me in depression and anger. But, it is actually making me stronger.  I (not to be religious) but I give God the glory because of His strength to keep me going. I can’t believe I am in this situation but I am OK. I am beginning to speak to God through my struggle and this is what I say to Him” God give me the strength to keep pushing through and to stay productive in my journey”.

When 2018 hits, I want to turn around and be proud of what I did in 2017 and everything that we  went through makes me and my husband stronger and wiser then we ever were. Oh, and let’s not forget, We are better financially ( making wiser choices with our funds) And not putting our lives on hold for NO ONE! and I mean NO ONE!- One of reasons we are in the predicament we are in is because we wanted to help others.There is nothing wrong with helping other people but you should not have to put your life on hold for anyone ( I would not want any one doing that for me and my husband). And if you are thinking this: My husband and I do take fault in the problems we are facing! Just to clear things up.  We do take FAULT!

P.S. Not to forget! I will be making my video about AGT this week.

I love my singing even MORE!

I really do burst out singing, sometimes. LOL




I know that the title is very confusing above. You would think that when God blesses you with a gift or talent that you would love it, but that is not always true. Take me for example. It took me a while to love singing. There where times I wanted to give up on my singing and plus I was not taking it as serious as I am now. But tonight, I am growing to love it more. I feel myself growing and maturing with my voice. I can’t explain the feeling but I feel like I am reaching another level with my singing. I do not know where God is taking me, I do have faith and believe it is going to be pretty cool.

I am proud of myself because I am staying consistent with making my singing videos and writing post for my blog. Ya’ll don’t know how much that means to me! Now I need to stay consistent with losing weight. I am going to figure out a way with that ( weight)

Anyhow, I never thought that you had to grow to love something that God blessed you with. Why is that?  I don’t know. But I just know that I struggled and kept pushing to keep my voice alive for God and myself. My heart just would not let my voice go. I love singing about God and I love singing period!!!!

I will say this: I think that when you are going through situations in your life, you can lose focus on what God has given you or what God is trying to do in your life with your gift or talent. That is what I think made me want to ( almost) give up singing. I mean, I love my voice but tonight I love it even more. It is changing who I am….. Look….I just can’t explain it. I am just happy that I’m singing more. I give God the glory for that because it was His strength that had me to keep pushing through with singing and my life.