Situations, Situations, Situations!



The situation I am in could put me in depression and anger. But, it is actually making me stronger.  I (not to be religious) but I give God the glory because of His strength to keep me going. I can’t believe I am in this situation but I am OK. I am beginning to speak to God through my struggle and this is what I say to Him” God give me the strength to keep pushing through and to stay productive in my journey”.

When 2018 hits, I want to turn around and be proud of what I did in 2017 and everything that we  went through makes me and my husband stronger and wiser then we ever were. Oh, and let’s not forget, We are better financially ( making wiser choices with our funds) And not putting our lives on hold for NO ONE! and I mean NO ONE!- One of reasons we are in the predicament we are in is because we wanted to help others.There is nothing wrong with helping other people but you should not have to put your life on hold for anyone ( I would not want any one doing that for me and my husband). And if you are thinking this: My husband and I do take fault in the problems we are facing! Just to clear things up.  We do take FAULT!

P.S. Not to forget! I will be making my video about AGT this week.


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