Surrendering To God

I love sharing my heart because I feel what I share from it will help others who watch my video.

What makes this singing video special is how it connects with what I heard at church today ( I sung this song on Saturday and then at church today a guest speaker talked about giving your heart and surrendering to God. I was amazed because I sung the song (I surrender all). It is amazing how God connects things together.

What makes it all more beautiful is when I cried. You remember when I told you that it seems like I was angry with God or I have a hard time speaking with Him?  Well, what I figure out was that it was not God. I believe that I was harboring what was happening to me and my husband at the time and I did not realize how it effected me. It was that bad, to the point, there were no feelings involved, no crying. Just pushing through and being content where I was ( it mentally mess me up). So, that day at church I poured my heart out and tears poured down like I’ve been holding those tears for the longest.And it felt like my heart was being relieve from the pain I was holding on the inside. When I let those tears go, I felt like my heart was saying,”let it ALL go”!

Please listen to the whole video. And listen to my Heart!


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