Becoming a Healthier Singer 7


I am excited about what has happened since the last time I blogged! I finally went to the gym! Planet Fitness to be exact! I started Sunday 12am to Wednesday 12am. My husband and I go late because it is not that many people there. I know I have not been blogging what I eat consecutively but that will change today.

I am going to start with what I ate Wednesday at work. I can’t remember everything but I will do my best to remember.

March 29th 2017 Wednesday

From PDQ: Honey Butter Sandwich with Grilled Chicken/Bacon, Fries and a Ginger ale
From PDQ: 8 Crispy Nuggets ( I ate this while I was working)
Bottle of Ginger ale
-It’s crazy but I truly believe that is all I ate! 

March 30th 2017 Thursday

From PDQ: 2 oz cups of baked almonds/7 crispy nuggets
From PDQ: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with cheese and pickles and Fries 2 cups of ginger- ale
From PDQ: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie ( Only ate because I was hungry)
3 teaspoons of Nutella
-at the end of shift I had a cup of water




That will be all for now. I think things are starting to look a little better for me, I even feel my body changing a little. I also feel more energetic since working out




Becoming a Healthier Singer 6

The struggle

Ok, Guys! I have not been doing too well with the eating. I’ve changed my title for this journey of being a healthier me because I am having trouble with staying away from foods that are good to my taste buds and inner fat girl!. I work in a restaurant that has nothing but crispy chicken, burgers, fried zucchini, fries that are put in grease and cooked to golden perfection! but on the other hand there are grilled options as well. See the problem is, is that when I am burning calories by walking back forth and cleaning when there’s time to clean. I think in my mind that I should eat something fattening that way I will not be hungry later on.

I do not mind eating grilled, matter of fact I love grilled. But I feel that when I moved around so much in the restaurant, that by eating grilled I will become hungry more quickly.  I don’t know! May be I need to look up about calories and what to eat so that you will not get hungry so fast?

Here is my list of  what I ate on (03/24/2017) and (03/25/2017):

03/24/2017 Thursday

-Cup of coffee ( at night time at PDQ – where I work) I was very tired. I did back to back doubles: 10am-10pm)
-Buffy Bleu Crispy Tender Sandwich w/fries ( was very hungry)
-1/2 peanut butter cookie
-Juice box
-Cup of heath bits (2oz) – Only because of energy ( I was very tired)
-6 crispy nuggets
-2 grilled tenders

This list above is throughout the day not in one setting.

03/25/2017 Friday

-5 Crispy Tenders 4 dip in buffy bleu sauce and 1 tender by itself with ranch dipping sauce
-1 cup of ginger ale
-1/2 peanut butter chocolate chip
-1 crispy tender
-10 fries

I know above looks very bad, but I really do hope that at the end, I still have good results. I still have about 9 months to go until 2018. Hopefully I will see a new me. But the way things are going, it seems very unfortunate! But we shall see.

Weight loss Journey of a Singer 5


Here is my video vlog of what I ate yesterday ( 03/21/2017 Tuesday) Hope this let’s people see that I have struggles or am having struggles with food. I will talk about the good food I eat and the bad. I am human and I need to show my struggles. I hope this helps someone. I am not happy with my weight but I will get to my goal! God Bless

Weight loss Journey of a Singer 4



Today I am not too proud of myself. Within 6 days I gained 6 ounces. So I was 272.0 now I am 272.6 from the 14th of March till now ( 20th of March). I know most of it could of been the sodas and I know that I really went hard on food yesterday. Here is what I ate:

1. Small cup of coffee ( cream and sugar)
2. I had two small cheese burgers with a fry and medium Ginger ale ( I did not drink all it) Cherry/reg gingerale- $3.29 deal at Burger King
3.Grilled chicken sandwich/fry with a large cup of water with a splash of H-Ci strawberry
4 ( Because I got irritated) I ate 2 large snicker crisper’s and I had a bag of hot fries- I did not eat the whole bag
5. I did drink some water but enough like I should

So, that completes it. I am not happy with how I ate yesterday ( March 19th 2017 Sunday) but I will Do Better!

PS.  I don’t smoke! LOL

Weight loss Journey of a Singer 3

Good Morning!

I just want to talk about what I ate March 17th 2017. Mind you I worked yesterday, and I work in a restaurant so their was a lot of moving involved (Burned Calories! )

  1. 8 Crispy Nuggets with a Yahoo ( I ate and drunk this while working)
  2. Honey Butter Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries 4 cups of Vanilla Raspberry Ginger ale. Ranch dipping sauce
  3. Had Snappers ( Pretzels with caramel and chocolate) did not eat the whole bag
  4. Because I was hungry- I had 2 small handfuls of M&M’s and I drunk some water

My temptations were: Reese’s and Oreo’s which were for milkshakes- I was portioning
them and  I wanted to eat them so bad, but I RESISTED and I am proud of MYSELF. I believe I am on the verge of beating temptations. I am not going to lie though, I was very addicted to the ginger ale. That ginger ale taste so good!!!!! Dr. Pepper is my weakness too but I can leave it alone-But that Ginger Ale is something serious. Especially when it is cold and you get it from the Free Style Coke Machine! Any-who….. I don’t believe I am doing too bad.

To Be Continued………. 🙂

Weightloss Journey of A Singer 2

I have not really been posting like I should because of work. But here is a video of what’s been going on. I lost a pound and 6 ounces in 2 weeks ( March 7th-14th).I  have been slowly taking my time in the whole food eating process. I have not done away with anything but I have kind of cut back.  I still eat what I want but I do it sporadically. I know in my other post I said,”That I made a list of what I will and what I want eat”, but I need to do this differently. Just stopping cold turkey (from everything) is not going to help me. I am going to have to go in rehab (personally and mentally) and slowly do the best I can. This is going to be hard but satisfactory to my body. I do from time to time look at my list of what I will not eat and so forth, it helps me a little. But I know consciously that I am on the right track. I was 273.6 and I went down to 272.0. So I am not sike about it because I know I will and can do better. Take a look at the video, this not just for others but for myself as well.

As I said before: I am trying something different. This weight loss journey is about finding Erica and what works for me and not only losing the weight but keeping it off!




Try not to JUDGE, YOU really don’t know ME!

From the situation that has came into my life, I am learning to not take peoples lives for granted,anymore. Meaning, I am not going to let money/work life/ or whatever it is be more important then the love ones in my life. From my understanding and in my own opinion I believe that we take peoples lives for granted without knowing it, and then when God is ready for them to leave this earth, we then realize what we had. And I can say this because of what has happened to my Uncle (RIH). My uncles death was not natural, it was a violent death, and in saying that: YOU REALLY,NEVER KNOW WHEN YOUR LOVE ONE WILL LEAVE THIS EARTH! I did not think that a bullet would rupture my uncle’s chest and then bam! I get a call that he is gone! And to make things worse, my uncle is dead because of someone (that I know) took it upon themselves to take an innocent life!: Within a moment he was here and then gone.

I do not really care if it was self defense, other precautions could of been taken before it resulted in death by a bullet! In saying all of this, you never know what life may bring, so take each day seriously and work on your life to become better: physically, mentally and financially but do not let it replaced the one you love to the point, talking is not important or saying I love is not important anymore. LIFE, is really too PRECIOUS. Do not take it for granted. Or you will be like me- wishing I would of told my uncle I love you more and talked to him more and took him out more! Even though he was on drugs, he still was my uncle breathing Gods air and I took him for granted and judge him. How I judge him?

By thinking he is on drugs, I did not want to be around him
By thinking that he does not remember me, I barely said anything to him
By holding anger in because of the way he was. I knew that he could be better then what he was, what he succumb to.

There are a lot of things we could of done to help my uncle get off of drugs. If we would of just stopped our lives for a moment! And lend a helping hand,prayed for him,  (he believed in God, so put the word of God in him) but no one (other than my brother) did anything to help my Uncle. I just judge just like the rest of us did. My brother, my cousin (his son) took him by the hand and loved on him and to my knowledge “Never Judge him.” Regardless of the usage of drugs, they still saw Uncle.

So, my thing is: Look at your life and look at other’s. Is your life that bad that you can’t stop and say I love you, let me pray for you,let’s go out, let’s talk, let me hug you, Or I will listen-POUR YOUR HEART AND MIND OUT TO ME: And if you want my advice, I will give it but only if you ask.

The situation with my uncle has changed my whole perspective on life and how I think. And my priorities. What is more important: Money or Life? I choose LIFE!!!! Because once that person is gone…..Money damn sure, can’t bring them back!

My advice: THINK, SIT BACK, BREATHE, LOOK AT LIFE, GET IN THE SLOW LANE FOR A WHILE. You will see more to life than: Materials and Money. You will see what God really has,what He has created. You. will. see. His. BEAUTY

don't judge


Weight loss Journey of a Singer


As you see above this is a picture that I took today to show you what I look like now. In this picture I weigh: 273.00 pds. And most of it is in my stomach. I am disgusted of how I have let myself go and I pray that once the weight falls off, it will never come back again.  Here is a vlog of day #1 of a Healthier Singer! I am making these videos to keep myself motivated and to help other’s who are struggling just like me.

THIS IS GOD’S TEMPLE and I need to take care of it!


The BIGGEST lifestyle change of all!


Some foods trigger my inner fat girl!


This year I am on to a healthier ME and I am going to do my best to keep my weight off, once I lose it. Starting tomorrow, I made a list of what I will not eat and what I will eat. I am going to stick to that. I have voided all foods that make me want to over eat and I am addicted to. I am going to be documenting, via video and blog. I will weigh myself tomorrow and post it either as a video or blog.

I think the video is more efficient. And I will take before and after pictures,as well. So, by April (When I will be taking pictures for my music website and July- I will be on a cruise)- So by those times I should be transforming to a new ME. I am documenting my life of weight loss because I want to be an advocate for women that go through what I am going through-I will explain in the video what I mean. Anyways look forward to my videos and my life transforming. I also will talk about a tragic ending that happened this past week…. Stay TUNE!