The BIGGEST lifestyle change of all!


Some foods trigger my inner fat girl!


This year I am on to a healthier ME and I am going to do my best to keep my weight off, once I lose it. Starting tomorrow, I made a list of what I will not eat and what I will eat. I am going to stick to that. I have voided all foods that make me want to over eat and I am addicted to. I am going to be documenting, via video and blog. I will weigh myself tomorrow and post it either as a video or blog.

I think the video is more efficient. And I will take before and after pictures,as well. So, by April (When I will be taking pictures for my music website and July- I will be on a cruise)- So by those times I should be transforming to a new ME. I am documenting my life of weight loss because I want to be an advocate for women that go through what I am going through-I will explain in the video what I mean. Anyways look forward to my videos and my life transforming. I also will talk about a tragic ending that happened this past week…. Stay TUNE!


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