Weightloss Journey of A Singer 2

I have not really been posting like I should because of work. But here is a video of what’s been going on. I lost a pound and 6 ounces in 2 weeks ( March 7th-14th).I  have been slowly taking my time in the whole food eating process. I have not done away with anything but I have kind of cut back.  I still eat what I want but I do it sporadically. I know in my other post I said,”That I made a list of what I will and what I want eat”, but I need to do this differently. Just stopping cold turkey (from everything) is not going to help me. I am going to have to go in rehab (personally and mentally) and slowly do the best I can. This is going to be hard but satisfactory to my body. I do from time to time look at my list of what I will not eat and so forth, it helps me a little. But I know consciously that I am on the right track. I was 273.6 and I went down to 272.0. So I am not sike about it because I know I will and can do better. Take a look at the video, this not just for others but for myself as well.

As I said before: I am trying something different. This weight loss journey is about finding Erica and what works for me and not only losing the weight but keeping it off!





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