Weight loss Journey of a Singer 3

Good Morning!

I just want to talk about what I ate March 17th 2017. Mind you I worked yesterday, and I work in a restaurant so their was a lot of moving involved (Burned Calories! )

  1. 8 Crispy Nuggets with a Yahoo ( I ate and drunk this while working)
  2. Honey Butter Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Fries 4 cups of Vanilla Raspberry Ginger ale. Ranch dipping sauce
  3. Had Snappers ( Pretzels with caramel and chocolate) did not eat the whole bag
  4. Because I was hungry- I had 2 small handfuls of M&M’s and I drunk some water

My temptations were: Reese’s and Oreo’s which were for milkshakes- I was portioning
them and  I wanted to eat them so bad, but I RESISTED and I am proud of MYSELF. I believe I am on the verge of beating temptations. I am not going to lie though, I was very addicted to the ginger ale. That ginger ale taste so good!!!!! Dr. Pepper is my weakness too but I can leave it alone-But that Ginger Ale is something serious. Especially when it is cold and you get it from the Free Style Coke Machine! Any-who….. I don’t believe I am doing too bad.

To Be Continued………. 🙂


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