Weight loss Journey of a Singer 4



Today I am not too proud of myself. Within 6 days I gained 6 ounces. So I was 272.0 now I am 272.6 from the 14th of March till now ( 20th of March). I know most of it could of been the sodas and I know that I really went hard on food yesterday. Here is what I ate:

1. Small cup of coffee ( cream and sugar)
2. I had two small cheese burgers with a fry and medium Ginger ale ( I did not drink all it) Cherry/reg gingerale- $3.29 deal at Burger King
3.Grilled chicken sandwich/fry with a large cup of water with a splash of H-Ci strawberry
4 ( Because I got irritated) I ate 2 large snicker crisper’s and I had a bag of hot fries- I did not eat the whole bag
5. I did drink some water but enough like I should

So, that completes it. I am not happy with how I ate yesterday ( March 19th 2017 Sunday) but I will Do Better!

PS.  I don’t smoke! LOL


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