Unhealthy Singer 10: I need to fix Erica!

I have a video that I find very interesting and deep. And the reason this video is touching to me is because I am finding out more about what I need to do to take care of ERICA before I worry about working for myself and starting my own singing career. When you watch this video, you will see how I am FIGHTING to do better. I pray this helps someone because it is helping me. The struggle is real. And honestly, with God’s strength, I am going to win! I have to. Maybe in God’s eyes, I’m already a winner.


Food Journal

04/26/2017 Wednesday
– 1 Grilled Patty
– Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries and a minute maid lemonade Strawberry/Raspberry
-Apple Juice ( did not finish it all) with 2 bags of M&M’s ( did not finish the 2nd bag) I did share that with my husband.

Note: I am going to have to find something to substitute my midnight snacks! Anyways God Bless and have a wonderful day!


Unhealthy Singer 9



Since the last time my husband and I spoke about my emotional eating, I have started to become more conscious about how I feel when I eat.

Last Friday on the 21st of April I was so stressed out with talking to so many customers yesterday that I said, “Dr. Pepper and Chocolate will be my friend tonight, lol”. I did not choose this because I was feeling bad for myself it was more like when some people are off from their job and they go get some beer or drink wine. That kind of thing. Anywho, I was very careful with how much I drank and the M&M’s I ate. I shared the 2 bags with my husband and I had 2 cups of Dr. Pepper (4oz). So, I think I did well.

I did have my temptations at the job but with God’s strength, I avoided them at all cost. It was not easy because I was hungry like my: head hurt hungry. Guys I am trying. I really am. I will tell you the other things I have eaten Saturday and Sunday and today.

Also, I have started drinking lemon water. It really helps with weight loss and since I have been drinking it since Saturday 22nd of April I can feel it cleaning the toxins out of my body. From how my body is reacting to the lemon water, I know for sure it is going to play a big part in my weight loss. Well here is my food diary.

Friday, 21st of April
-2 White Castle Burgers
-I had a small bag of chips with ranch dipping sauce
-2 Grilled tenders
-Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a handful in a 1/2 of fries
-4 cups of water
-2 cups of Dr. Pepper
-2 bags of M&M’s which I shared with my husband
-2 White Castle Burgers (gave one to my husband)

Saturday, 22nd of April
-3 Pancakes with 2 Turkey Sausages
-3 Tacos and a small taco bowl
– Lemon Water

Sunday, 23rd of April
– Fruit with Turkey Sausage, Egg and Bacon Bagel Sandwich w/strawberry spread
-2 Taco’s
-Lemon Water
-2 cups of coffee ( No sugar, just creamer)

Monday, 24th of April
– Bagel with 2 eggs and 2 bacon (strawberry spread)
-Cup of coffee (2) ( No sugar, just creamer)
-2 Tacos
-Lemon Water and Apple Juice


It’s not about conquering the weight, it is about my mindset. My mindset is the contributing factor to my weight loss

Unhealthy Singer!

The title explains it all. I know I was suppose to be documenting my weight loss and my eating habits, but I have come to the conclusion that it’s deeper then weight loss.  Emotionally, if I do not get my emotions under control, my weight will spiral out of control. So (for now) I am basically cutting a lot of foods out and taking my time to eat more consciously: So, that I can get my emotions under control. My past has a lot to do with my weight issues. A lot of vocal abuse that might have traumatized me a bit without thinking about it.

Like it says in the bible: Proverbs 12:18- There is one that speaks like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise brings health.

 I will not name any people but if  better things were spoken into my life at a young age, I truly believe that I would not have to deal with emotional eating or bulimia. Yes! I said, “BULIMIA”. At one point in my life, because I love the taste of food and I can not control my eating: I would devour or binge as much as I wanted and then once I was satisfied I would purge. That was back in 2008/2010. And I thought about doing it again because I am like… I do not think I am going to be able to control my eating. I mean, it is like a monster just eating away at me and I don’t think I have any strength to fight it.

I had a talk with my husband about 2 days ago. I broke down to him in tears explaining what I go through on a day to day basis. I explained that wanting to eat is a pleasure to me and I love it! Eating takes care of my anger, depression, sadness, and happiness. This is how it has always been since I was 14 years old.  A lot of other things contributed to this: UNHEALTHY SINGER, but I will explain more in a later video. But below is a video of my heart and the struggle.  I did this video on: April 14th 2017.

P.S. My husband is helping me like he always has but this time I am listening to him, instead of doing it my way!

Get away from the BLOOD SUCKERS!

learn to say no advice

This video was done on April 13th 2017. I meant what I said in this video but I feel much better today. I feel better from that day. But the feelings that I portrayed in this video are true and I mean every word from the bottom of my heart.  JUST LISTEN TO MY HEART! Hopefully this will reach out to someone who might need to hear this!

Becoming a Healthier Singer 8


I know I have not been posting like I should about my weight loss but I have been doing pretty good in my opinion. I went to the gym last Friday and burned 606 calories and the rest of the week I was moving to my new home. Since I have not been posting what I ate on the daily bases, I will start over and start with today.


I have not checked my weight yet but I know that I have lost inches. And I can show you a picture from when I was baptized Sunday, April 9th 2017. It might not look much to you but I can see the difference. To be continued……………   🙂Baptism