Unhealthy Singer 9



Since the last time my husband and I spoke about my emotional eating, I have started to become more conscious about how I feel when I eat.

Last Friday on the 21st of April I was so stressed out with talking to so many customers yesterday that I said, “Dr. Pepper and Chocolate will be my friend tonight, lol”. I did not choose this because I was feeling bad for myself it was more like when some people are off from their job and they go get some beer or drink wine. That kind of thing. Anywho, I was very careful with how much I drank and the M&M’s I ate. I shared the 2 bags with my husband and I had 2 cups of Dr. Pepper (4oz). So, I think I did well.

I did have my temptations at the job but with God’s strength, I avoided them at all cost. It was not easy because I was hungry like my: head hurt hungry. Guys I am trying. I really am. I will tell you the other things I have eaten Saturday and Sunday and today.

Also, I have started drinking lemon water. It really helps with weight loss and since I have been drinking it since Saturday 22nd of April I can feel it cleaning the toxins out of my body. From how my body is reacting to the lemon water, I know for sure it is going to play a big part in my weight loss. Well here is my food diary.

Friday, 21st of April
-2 White Castle Burgers
-I had a small bag of chips with ranch dipping sauce
-2 Grilled tenders
-Grilled Chicken Sandwich with a handful in a 1/2 of fries
-4 cups of water
-2 cups of Dr. Pepper
-2 bags of M&M’s which I shared with my husband
-2 White Castle Burgers (gave one to my husband)

Saturday, 22nd of April
-3 Pancakes with 2 Turkey Sausages
-3 Tacos and a small taco bowl
– Lemon Water

Sunday, 23rd of April
– Fruit with Turkey Sausage, Egg and Bacon Bagel Sandwich w/strawberry spread
-2 Taco’s
-Lemon Water
-2 cups of coffee ( No sugar, just creamer)

Monday, 24th of April
– Bagel with 2 eggs and 2 bacon (strawberry spread)
-Cup of coffee (2) ( No sugar, just creamer)
-2 Tacos
-Lemon Water and Apple Juice


It’s not about conquering the weight, it is about my mindset. My mindset is the contributing factor to my weight loss


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