Then I saw the Garden

Good Morning,

For now on I am going to be posting my YT videos on my blog. Here is one of my videos that I did yesterday. Please like, subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel.  I really want to make a difference in life with the songs I sing. When I sing, it is not about how good I sound or the song I sing. It is about what I am speaking through these songs I sing that make a difference. Of course, to be original I  will be recording my own music soon. Be on the look out for that.  So here is my YouTube video: The Garden: Sung by Erica Simpson


I just want PEACE!

I am going to keep this post discreet as possible. There are somethings in life that you want to have control of when it comes to your credit and peace of mind. One of them is paying things on time and just hoping and praying that people will just do right. But I will not have my peace until both of those requirements are met. I am really doing my best to not talk about my situation. But I am just done and tired of dumb sh**.  Like seriously, people just can’t do right. It is always something. When one fall we all fall!!!!! I can’t wait until this year is over!!!