Jesus We Love You Cover Song

Here is my new cover of Jesus we love You by Paul McClure. This song means a lot to me, especially with what I was experiencing at the time when I sung this song.
PS. I am sorry it was not posted Monday. I was so tired. But here it is!!!




I am in Recovery!!!

You design and define your recovery.  It is only because of God that I am alive. I am in recovery, because I am trying to do better with my life-with God included.

I need You more!!!

As I breathe the air that God has given me, and I have moments where I want to give up and not live any longer. I find myself going straight to God and wanting more of Him in my life. And  I am coming to an understanding that I need Him more in every aspect of my life. Do you need Him more? Do you think you have all of Him in your life? Do you think you have enough of Him in your life?

God…… “Make My Brokenness,Beautiful!”

I have this same song on my channel. But the reason that this song was sung again was because God kept putting this verse on my heart: ” Will Your Grace Run Out” And the way I was feeling, I had to sing this song. Because now, there is a different meaning to me of what this song means at this time. Will you allow God to show you how beautiful you are in the midst of your pain and sorrow? This was my worship to God, and I knew He heard His child crying out.