My Mother’s Foot Prints

This is my second video of sharing my heart through words…There is a little singing, but it is more than  that, more than me. I feel like God is doing something, I just do not know what it is yet!!! We shall see in 2018! Enjoy and I hope you get something out of this video. Love you all!!!!



Listen 2 My Heart

Starting with this video….It shows that this YT channel is not all about singing. It is about my heart, my life! I try to portray that in all my videos: The real, and the genuine of me ( My Heart). My brother asked me one time, ” If I just want a singing career or if I want to make an impact on the world?” I want both but what really matters to me out of the two is making an impact on others (The World). This video is to reach out to the broken and more. Make an impact! Try to make a difference!

Short but Sweet

This is my video of me recuperating from being sick for 2 weeks.  I was trying to sing a Christmas song, but every time I tried to sing I was getting choked by Mr. Mucus!!!, lol. So, I just sung a sweet song about how Jesus Loves Me. I kept it Short But Sweet!!!

I do have another video that I think will touch your heart, that I will post to my YT channel and on WP as well. Love ya’ll and good night!!!