We hold in our tears because the world says,” that shows a sign of weakness”.

We hold in our hurt because that proves that we are strong and “Everyone will see that nothing phases me”.

When a person shows concern and you can feel they really care ( you’ll know). They ask you 2 to 3 times are you OK? And your tears and heart says,”no” but your mouth tells that lie of Yes!

Know that the world is a lie…….And it’s ok to cry, and it’s OK not to be OK!

Its ok that you want to yell: I am hurting and I want peace! I want everything to be better in my life!

It’s ok to confide In some one you truly trust

Sometimes strength Is crying

Sometimes strength Is telling someone how you truly feel

Sometimes…. It’s ok not to be OK!!!


God Made A Way



Vlog #7 of Listen 2 My Heart: My Back Against The Wall-Part 2

-In this video I am just explaining what happen that got me close to being out on the street and how God just came up and made everything better( Vlog #7 is an update from Vlog #6 -Listen 2 My Heart… God used people to help me- This whole situation taught me to not expect God to do what I think He should do… His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our Ways… Always remember that…Please: Listen 2 My Heart and I pray that this helps you and speaks to your spirit.

Worship Time

As I was looking over one of the songs I have to sing at church for service …. These three words spoke to my spirit: Come and Move on Us!. And I decided to incorporate those words into worship. Enjoy and I hope it speaks to your heart and to your spirit! I love worshiping God….It keeps me humble and away from this world that we live in today.

Erica Simpson’s Singing Cover

OK! I would of erased this video because there is one word I said wrong at the beginning of the verse… And while I was singing the song… I had a conscious feeling that “Grave was not part of the first verse. lol) It was suppose to be ( Unto the Night, Unto the Fray) But I decided to keep this video the way it was) We all make mistakes….And my singing videos are not going to be perfect!!! I was glorifying God-And that is all that matters (This was also the spare of the moment type of thing)-as you can tell….I also got so lost in God’s Presence that I was in another world ( as I was singing: O’Come all ye faithful)- You will see what I am saying… Because I really did not think (at the time) I sung the lyrics correctly! When I get lost in the spirit- I am completely gone like no one else is there but God and I.



My Back Against The Wall

As I make more Vlogs, I found myself just sharing my life, my heart with the world because I want to portray to everyone on this earth that we all are going to go through something, whether it is our mistake or something we have no control over! This video was made while I was hurting and trusting in God. You can’t see it but it’s there….I was enduring it while I was making this video.There will be an update soon on how I over came my obstacle-And how I am in the lead of winning this race! I want to share my worship with you in my next video!!!





When God said, ” He will give you peace that will surpass all understanding”, He meant that! Today, and Tomorrow ( February 8th) I have to find a way to come up with at least $200-$300 dollars by the 9th of February. And I will tell you what that money is for, once I find out how my situation will turn out this Friday. And I will tell it whether it is good or bad, because that is what my blog and YouTube videos are about…..Listening 2 My Heart-telling the good and the bad, singing when I feel like and when I don’t feel like it-Even if I am embarrassed to talk about my situation.

Even though I do not know the outcome, I am at peace with it. Strange, huh? So, to be continued……

Just Worshiping

This video is just me worshiping in front of my church in my car.  I was there alone so I got a little scared. So, when I was done singing I just left. It was a very scary, eerie feeling that I had, like someone was watching me. But when I prayed it went away. So, I honestly don’t know what that was.  Anyways… Enjoy!!!



Emotional Weight

This video, I contemplated on putting out there for the world to see. But I said to myself,”That I can not be fake”! And I might be able to show someone out there in the world that I am not afraid to show my pain and I not afraid to be ridiculed because I am hurting (And in return it will help other’s to be real with themselves and not allow the world to control them). I was so afraid to put this video up because I am crying and talking about weight. I am an emotional eater and it so hard for me to control what I eat because I go based off of feelings. But starting 2 days ago I have been experimenting on myself. I am learning to be more patience with myself and paying attention to my emotions.


God is the beginning

As long as I live… God will always be the head of everything I try to pursue. I want Him in everything I do… So that way I can stay on the right path.  I know there will be times that I will try to do things on my own… But that is all a part of living, all a part of experiencing life and growing from it.




A smile can hide pain

This is my Listen 2 My Heart Vlog and I am just explaining that: You can’t always look at a person’s  smile and think that they are ok or the way their life is, that they are alright. Always pray for them because people will have that smile hide all of their hurt.