How important are you to them?

You will get to a point in life where enough is enough! You want to know how you will get to that point? I will tell you what you will feel.

  • You will begin to not care
  • Thier existence in your life will be forgotten
    • You will not want to be around them
    • You will not want them to touch you
    • You will close them out
    • You will want them to leave you alone
    • You will wish you’ve never met them
    • You will become silent: They say,” Communication is Key”. But when you talk about the problem and how you feel (and those reasons can be valid reasons) That talk that you are having now becomes an argument. You will notice (depending on the situation in your life) that they don’t want to hear what you have to say even though what you are saying is right and you are just trying to make the situation better. So, then you just shut up and keep to yourself because they are not getting it. They don’t want to get it!
  • You will wish you never met them-because ever since you have been with this person it has been nothing but worrying about being free, being an entrepreneur, making money,etc ( everything else about life that you have had with them is put on the back burner) because now their life consists more of the world then what God has given to them. In conclusion- The take your beautiful life for granted.
  • Your life will feel like it’s going downhill and you will fall into depression
    • Depending on who you are: You might gain weight or lose weight
    • You might become silent and build a wall so that you can protect your heart and sanity! Because all you want is love, compassion, a touch-showing that you are alive and they know that you are apart of their life
    • The plans that you have had with them of building a future you now want to just break apart from those “couple plans” and do everything individually

I am all for you doing you. But when you just make it like I am just in the relationship to be a statue and when you are ready to be bothered then “I am important” that is not alright with me, that is not the life to live!

And now I have to take control of my life and do what I need to do. I will not sit here and let anyone (even if I love this person, which I do) take over my life. God gave me a life to live, I will do it whether I am with someone or not. Humans have no control over my life, they have no power and I will not let them treat me like I am some puppet! It is enough of that! I am through!

In saying this: I am going through this right now and I am getting to a point that nothing will change until God is ready for me to come home, and that is when this person will realize everything. I’ve seen it happen before. You take your loved ones life for granted and when they are gone… Now you are ready to understand what they are saying… When they were trying to convey their heart to you for the longest while they were still breathing. Sometimes it takes silence or death to really wake a person up!


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