4 Year Anniversary




This year marks 4 years since I’ve been with Word Press and blogging my heart away. I should have more than 183 posts…. I will do better this year. I wonder if I could hit a 1,000 at the least or maybe even more? I have to stop letting life challenges get in the way of what I see as a “Memoir Of My Life for the world to read.

I shall and I will do better……


Sometimes you have to let go!

We meet people in life and think they will be there forever! But you have to realize that sometimes they are there to do what God needs to do. And then you have people that will be there for the rest of your life. Do not hold on to someone when God is telling you to let go. Do not hold on to someone that does not want to be apart of your life because you want them in your life.

Value and Respect who you are and know that you are worth it!


One Sweet Day!

On Mother’s Day, I decided to sing One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men. I am amazed that I sang this song without breaking down crying. This song is also dedicated to the many that do not have a mom anymore. I feel your pain… Sing with me…

One day, I will see my mom again. And when we meet I will never let her go……



Happy Mother’s Day!

I share with you, my mother.  It has now been 9 years since the last time I bought a gift and said.” Happy Mother’s Day!” to my mother. I will never get to see her beautiful smile and hear her say.” Thank You” and feel that motherly hug and love. This is a very emotional video… so grab a tissue…….

Here as in Heaven

I love when God comes to visit. This video will show how God moves. I do sing a little- So, I pray that you are touch and God comes to visit you as well. Love you!



Is Jacksonville the place for me?

I wonder if I am wasting my time in Jacksonville as far as my singing goes? I feel like I can start here but I would need to move on soon… But maybe God has a story for me to tell in Jacksonville? I did say, I want to impact the world with what God is doing with my voice.  And I am not looking for fame either… So, what could it be?




Memoir of Priscilla Walker

This year last month my mother had passed away ( April 15, 2009) and I share my memories of her. Nothing much that I can say…… But here is my heart… Listen!

Maybe It’s Too Late!!!

In this video, I am talking about auditioning for Channel News 4 to sing the National Anthem. It was actually a competition to sing the National Anthem, which was called: “Oh Say Can You Sing”. I did get a callback but I never went on to be a semi-finalist. But this video goes on to talk about if I am too late to become a singer and do what I love? Since this video, I struggle with my age and if it’s too late but I still push on to accomplish my singing mission to impact the world.



Being at my lowest

Sometimes you just want to go into hiding and never come out. I have to learn to keep moving and pushing on. It is ok to be down for a while, but you have to keep it moving so that you can show the world how God used you and what you have become from your situation. Since this video, I have grown and have moved on from this season. Sometimes I wonder what else is next in my life that will cause me to grow and become better.


A little note



I have something I want to share…. But I have 2 videos that I need to upload. And then I will share my thoughts on


  1. God
  2. Weight
  3. Depression
  4. Singing Mission
  5. The world I live in


To be continued………………