Pain Hidden Behind A Smile!

Hidden pain

Last night, I had a very long talk with a love one,who, when every time I looked at her she was always smiling and in good spirits. But I’ve come to find out that the smile I was seeing was to hide the fact that she was hurting and in dire pain. As I spoke with her, she spilled her heart out and I sat there and let my ears do the listening.

What she told me still sticks to my heart and runs through my mind. And I cry for her to God. I cry for her spiritually and physically for her and her beautiful children. After hearing her story and the journey she is about to embark on, I sit back and wonder why people feel that they have to always be strong on the inside? Why can’t you just let go and cry out to the heavens? Really,give it to God and cry out to Him?

Why do we allow a smile to hide our pain when we have a voice!? I can answer those questions for you:

  1. People are too judgmental! We don’t need YOU judging me, when I am trying to confidently tell you about what I am holding in my heart.
  2. We want trust! I do not want you going and telling people about my problems just so it can benefit your “Gossipy Spirit” .
  3. I call or I choose to speak to you about what I am dealing with and I just want you to listen. I do not want your OPINION! If I want your OPINION, I will ask for your OPINION.
  4. If I want to be by myself for a while and I don’t answer your call. Please don’t ignore me or move out of my life. I just want to  get away from the world for a while.  I promise that I still LOVE YOU!
  5. Try to be understandable. You might not have been where they have been and probably don’t and will not understand their situation. And that is OK! It probably was not meant for you to understand in the first place. Just listen (Look at #3) and be there for them. They might not say it! But they need you more than you will ever know

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