Amazing Dancer! Gone Too, Soon!

     Amazing Dancer. Gone too soon!

The link above is about a 15 year old named Lamarrion Upchurch aka  “Lil BZ”. If you are like me, you have watched this amazing dance called “Clowning”. The group that Lamarrion Upchurch belong to was the Tsquad Family which was created by Tommy The Clown. This amazing 15-year-old life was taken by senseless gun violence in California. Not only was his life ended but his life was taken on Mother’s Day!

My heart pains for this kid ( and I don’t even know him) I guess, since I have been watching Tommy the Clown, I’ve become to love every dancer in the Tsquad Group.

They brought laughter and put smiles on people’s faces in this world by CLOWNING AROUND! Not only that but Tommy The Clown created Clowning to get kids off the street so that they could concentrate on what they love ( dancing) and to just get away from this world’s nonsense!!! Tommy The Clown allowed these kids to incorporate their anger, sadness, pain, happiness, and joy into the renowned dance of what is called “CLOWNING”!

Please support Lamarrion Upchurch family by donating any amount for funeral expenses. Just click on the link above (highlighted in blue) and then after that take a look at the video below of an amazing kid who brought joy to the world with his smile and GIFT of Dancing! #myheartaches 😦


To be gone from the body, is to be present with the Lord

                  You made a difference in this world and didnt even know it!!! You touched many people’s heart. Even mines. My heart cries for you and your family.



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