Listen 2 My Heart Vlog#22 and #23

I put these two vlogs with each other because they coincide together. The first video is almost a story leading up to the reason of why I felt depress for so long. Sorry for the video quality. I will get better. Let me know your thoughts.




How important are you to them?

You will get to a point in life where enough is enough! You want to know how you will get to that point? I will tell you what you will feel.

  • You will begin to not care
  • Thier existence in your life will be forgotten
    • You will not want to be around them
    • You will not want them to touch you
    • You will close them out
    • You will want them to leave you alone
    • You will wish you’ve never met them
    • You will become silent: They say,” Communication is Key”. But when you talk about the problem and how you feel (and those reasons can be valid reasons) That talk that you are having now becomes an argument. You will notice (depending on the situation in your life) that they don’t want to hear what you have to say even though what you are saying is right and you are just trying to make the situation better. So, then you just shut up and keep to yourself because they are not getting it. They don’t want to get it!
  • You will wish you never met them-because ever since you have been with this person it has been nothing but worrying about being free, being an entrepreneur, making money,etc ( everything else about life that you have had with them is put on the back burner) because now their life consists more of the world then what God has given to them. In conclusion- The take your beautiful life for granted.
  • Your life will feel like it’s going downhill and you will fall into depression
    • Depending on who you are: You might gain weight or lose weight
    • You might become silent and build a wall so that you can protect your heart and sanity! Because all you want is love, compassion, a touch-showing that you are alive and they know that you are apart of their life
    • The plans that you have had with them of building a future you now want to just break apart from those “couple plans” and do everything individually

I am all for you doing you. But when you just make it like I am just in the relationship to be a statue and when you are ready to be bothered then “I am important” that is not alright with me, that is not the life to live!

And now I have to take control of my life and do what I need to do. I will not sit here and let anyone (even if I love this person, which I do) take over my life. God gave me a life to live, I will do it whether I am with someone or not. Humans have no control over my life, they have no power and I will not let them treat me like I am some puppet! It is enough of that! I am through!

In saying this: I am going through this right now and I am getting to a point that nothing will change until God is ready for me to come home, and that is when this person will realize everything. I’ve seen it happen before. You take your loved ones life for granted and when they are gone… Now you are ready to understand what they are saying… When they were trying to convey their heart to you for the longest while they were still breathing. Sometimes it takes silence or death to really wake a person up!

Do not Rely On A Job!!!

From what I’ve experienced yesterday, I am through with employers! I am going to find every opportunity whether through working at a job or making money other ways so that I can invest and get out of working for people!  Jobs are temporary in my life and are only there to pay my bills and invest. I have come to the conclusion that I can not stay at a job for too long because if I do, I will mess up my life even more (this comes from experience). I do not care how much I make hourly… If I am not using the money I make to invest then it is a waste of time in my eyes.

Take the opportunity to work for yourself and to answer to no one!

Do not get caught up in being at a job too long because they can and will let you go in a heartbeat w/o giving you an explanation-at least that is with Florida ( Florida is an at-will state)-Meaning they can let you go and they do not have to have a reason why.



Worship Time

In this video, you may see messed up hair and my bedspring-which has a hole in it! lol. Please ignore both and let’s just worship. God drops things into my heart and I want to share my worship and I hope it helps you with whatever you may be enduring. Listen 2 My Heart Vlog 12-



Beauty and Rawness of Singing

This was one of my mother’s favorite songs sung by Whitney Houston. And it is my favorite to sing as well. Whitney Houston and Fantasia Barrino bring tears to my eyes when they sing gospel. Even when they are singing in their genre… They both bring raw emotions and interpret any song they sing from their heart and they give it to the world for people to hear. I pray to God that I get a chance to share my music with the world with the intentions of showing my rawness, and my heart like those two: Whitney Houston and Fantasia Barrino. Let me not forget my girl Kim Walker-she does the same like those two as well. As a singer, you define who you are with your heart and you want people to understand what you are singing. You want to connect with the world. You never know who is listening and what God may be doing in their life when you sing.




God Made A Way



Vlog #7 of Listen 2 My Heart: My Back Against The Wall-Part 2

-In this video I am just explaining what happen that got me close to being out on the street and how God just came up and made everything better( Vlog #7 is an update from Vlog #6 -Listen 2 My Heart… God used people to help me- This whole situation taught me to not expect God to do what I think He should do… His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our Ways… Always remember that…Please: Listen 2 My Heart and I pray that this helps you and speaks to your spirit.

Worship Time

As I was looking over one of the songs I have to sing at church for service …. These three words spoke to my spirit: Come and Move on Us!. And I decided to incorporate those words into worship. Enjoy and I hope it speaks to your heart and to your spirit! I love worshiping God….It keeps me humble and away from this world that we live in today.

Erica Simpson’s Singing Cover

OK! I would of erased this video because there is one word I said wrong at the beginning of the verse… And while I was singing the song… I had a conscious feeling that “Grave was not part of the first verse. lol) It was suppose to be ( Unto the Night, Unto the Fray) But I decided to keep this video the way it was) We all make mistakes….And my singing videos are not going to be perfect!!! I was glorifying God-And that is all that matters (This was also the spare of the moment type of thing)-as you can tell….I also got so lost in God’s Presence that I was in another world ( as I was singing: O’Come all ye faithful)- You will see what I am saying… Because I really did not think (at the time) I sung the lyrics correctly! When I get lost in the spirit- I am completely gone like no one else is there but God and I.



My Back Against The Wall

As I make more Vlogs, I found myself just sharing my life, my heart with the world because I want to portray to everyone on this earth that we all are going to go through something, whether it is our mistake or something we have no control over! This video was made while I was hurting and trusting in God. You can’t see it but it’s there….I was enduring it while I was making this video.There will be an update soon on how I over came my obstacle-And how I am in the lead of winning this race! I want to share my worship with you in my next video!!!