Jesus We Love You Cover Song

Here is my new cover of Jesus we love You by Paul McClure. This song means a lot to me, especially with what I was experiencing at the time when I sung this song.
PS. I am sorry it was not posted Monday. I was so tired. But here it is!!!




God…… “Make My Brokenness,Beautiful!”

I have this same song on my channel. But the reason that this song was sung again was because God kept putting this verse on my heart: ” Will Your Grace Run Out” And the way I was feeling, I had to sing this song. Because now, there is a different meaning to me of what this song means at this time. Will you allow God to show you how beautiful you are in the midst of your pain and sorrow? This was my worship to God, and I knew He heard His child crying out.


Erica Simpson Singing Love On The Brain

This song means so much to me, because it makes me think about  my relationship with my husband. People can sing a song and their interpretation of the song can be different from how you interpret the song. I sung this song, because it has meaning to me. It came from my heart. This song is just very deep to me.  I love my husband and I thank God for him. It is all about how you define that song. What does this song mean to you?

Erica Simpson’s New Singing Video

I made a new cover song. The song that I am singing is called: Called Me Higher By All My Sons & Daughers. Go Check it out and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you like what you hear. Also, like, and comment as well. Any critiques will help a lot.

Here’s the video.


Then I saw the Garden

Good Morning,

For now on I am going to be posting my YT videos on my blog. Here is one of my videos that I did yesterday. Please like, subscribe and comment on my YouTube channel.  I really want to make a difference in life with the songs I sing. When I sing, it is not about how good I sound or the song I sing. It is about what I am speaking through these songs I sing that make a difference. Of course, to be original I  will be recording my own music soon. Be on the look out for that.  So here is my YouTube video: The Garden: Sung by Erica Simpson

Unhealthy Singer 14: Perservere


Something happened to me at church…….

Yesterday and even on Saturday I was not prepared to sing at Church ( May 7, 2017, Sunday). I did not want to sing and I felt so down and irritated. So I told my pastor that I was not spiritually ready to sing and I do not know if I am just depressed or is it my “diagnoses” of being bi-polar? As I said a while back in one of my old post: I do not claim to be bi-polar at all.  I really feel that what I went through at 18 years old was something that any normal person would go through. I just was in a lot of pain and did not know how to control my emotions. ( I will talk about that in a later post of how that all began).

But back to what I was saying, So after I explained all that to him, he then tells me NO! In such a calming way, lol. He explains to me why I should get on that stage and fight through the problem I am dealing with, and that what we fight are spiritual battles- ( Ephesians 6 )  In Ephesians chapter 6  it explains how we are fighting what we can’t see. And my pastor basically said, “You will defeat the devil by going on stage and worshiping God through worship and song”. And in my spirit, I accepted and understood what he was saying. And I did it! I persevered!

After I sung, I sat down and felt like a warrior. I knew right then that I had won my battle. It felt good. I felt relief.  That put a whole new perspective on my life. To just push through, Persevere ( Galatians 5 talks about the fruits of the spirit) and persevering is one of the fruits. My pastor helped me to understand what it really feels like to fight the battle, and know that you made it through. I know that I have fought many battles because I am still alive today.

But this battle was different for me. It had something to do with my singing. I keep saying and I will always say it, “How can you have a gift and not feel like using it, especially when it is something God has given you”? I guess that is where satan comes in and tries to attack every avenue of your life when he knows that God has something awesome for you and that God gave you such an awesome talent and gift that satan does not want the world to hear or see!

So I will continue to persevere. Starting today.

Remember this : There will always be that one person that can impact your life, to change something about you so that you can move on to the next chapter of your life.

What is one of your fruits that you need to work on? I mean, we all (at some degree) need to work on all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. But what is one that you have a hard time dealing with?

Mines is self-control and perseverance.

Not only have my pastor impact me, but I have had a lot of people and loves one in my life teach me a thing or two and  made me take a second to rethink everything in my life. One of them is my husband and brother.

And to end this post. Here is a song that I know God wanted to keep dear to my heart. Maybe it will opened up your heart to Him

Galatians 5: Fruits of The Spirit
Ephesians 6: Battles


Unhealthy Singer 10: I need to fix Erica!

I have a video that I find very interesting and deep. And the reason this video is touching to me is because I am finding out more about what I need to do to take care of ERICA before I worry about working for myself and starting my own singing career. When you watch this video, you will see how I am FIGHTING to do better. I pray this helps someone because it is helping me. The struggle is real. And honestly, with God’s strength, I am going to win! I have to. Maybe in God’s eyes, I’m already a winner.


Food Journal

04/26/2017 Wednesday
– 1 Grilled Patty
– Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries and a minute maid lemonade Strawberry/Raspberry
-Apple Juice ( did not finish it all) with 2 bags of M&M’s ( did not finish the 2nd bag) I did share that with my husband.

Note: I am going to have to find something to substitute my midnight snacks! Anyways God Bless and have a wonderful day!

Get away from the BLOOD SUCKERS!

learn to say no advice

This video was done on April 13th 2017. I meant what I said in this video but I feel much better today. I feel better from that day. But the feelings that I portrayed in this video are true and I mean every word from the bottom of my heart.  JUST LISTEN TO MY HEART! Hopefully this will reach out to someone who might need to hear this!


I used to be so broken,lost,empty.
A heart with no beat.
A singer with no song to sing 
So I know the feeling
The silence is deafening
But in your pain lies a blessing
A sweeter song of victory
So keep walking ,walking,walking
Though it seems so far.
No matter who you are
See, there is one thing that I know
Chorus: Life it can leave ,You so bitter bitter,bitter, bitter
But you must believe
That it gets better,better,better, better

The title and lyrics speaks for itself. The lady that sings this song name is Jessica Reedy. Her lyrics are so powerful and deep. They speak to me every time I listen to her sing this song.  This song defines what I went through and how I almost gave up, but with God and the people that He put in my life to pray for my pain, cries, wanting to give up, and having suicidal thoughts-I finally had a break through (even though it might have took 10 years)-17yr old-27yr old.

In this song  the chorus  explains life so well. That when you go through a lot in life, your past can determine your future .. And sometimes pain can make your life so miserable,but you have to really have your life drench with God in order to deal with life problems…I can tell you that there were times in my life were my life left me so bitter- I was going down the wrong path, but God held onto my hand even when I made the same mistake over and over again, until I had to learn- so that God  was able to lead me to my destiny and I believe in 2015 my destiny is coming very soon 🙂

A singer with no song to sing-(this verse describes me so well,  I am singer and just as this verse states, that is how my life felt at one point – A life with no reason to live) IF YOU WANT TO SEE MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS JUST GO TO MY ABOUT PAGE AND LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE to my WordPress and Youtube Channel

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