Short but Sweet

This is my video of me recuperating from being sick for 2 weeks.  I was trying to sing a Christmas song, but every time I tried to sing I was getting choked by Mr. Mucus!!!, lol. So, I just sung a sweet song about how Jesus Loves Me. I kept it Short But Sweet!!!

I do have another video that I think will touch your heart, that I will post to my YT channel and on WP as well. Love ya’ll and good night!!!


I am in Recovery!!!

You design and define your recovery.  It is only because of God that I am alive. I am in recovery, because I am trying to do better with my life-with God included.

I need You more!!!

As I breathe the air that God has given me, and I have moments where I want to give up and not live any longer. I find myself going straight to God and wanting more of Him in my life. And  I am coming to an understanding that I need Him more in every aspect of my life. Do you need Him more? Do you think you have all of Him in your life? Do you think you have enough of Him in your life?


This is a very beautiful song. What a beautiful name that my God has……. You have no rival! You have no Equal! Listen and Enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe!!!!!




Erica Simpson Singing Cover

Here is my new singing cover video. Please watch and enjoy. What I say at the end I believe in my heart, and I was so scared to post what I said at the end. I really could not believe what I said. But I said it. Whether I am right or wrong- I will never know. But while I live and breath on this earth I will stand by my God and believe what is in my heart. Please do not be mad at what I said-This was my thoughts and what was in my heart. If you disagree then fine. But really think about how the world could be so much better if we would choose to do right. Believe me: The thoughts that you have, I have had as well but the verse below seems to explain it all: Check it out.

Ups and Downs

Can I write, can I tell you how I feel? I feel down, just want to be to myself. Have to fight ( pray, read the word) to get through my day. I felt like this two days ago and I push through-almost called out for work. I kind of have an idea of what it might be. And if you go back to one or some of my post, I think you will see why. I don’t know. I just want to feel better and take control of my life.  Something has to change and real soon.

I just want PEACE!

I am going to keep this post discreet as possible. There are somethings in life that you want to have control of when it comes to your credit and peace of mind. One of them is paying things on time and just hoping and praying that people will just do right. But I will not have my peace until both of those requirements are met. I am really doing my best to not talk about my situation. But I am just done and tired of dumb sh**.  Like seriously, people just can’t do right. It is always something. When one fall we all fall!!!!! I can’t wait until this year is over!!!


Unhealthy Singer 11: Embrace who you are



I’ve never really embraced who I was until today. I am starting to embrace my size, becomes I know I will lose weight and see a new me, soon. I come to the realization that if I do not accept where I am now, I am not going to get where I need to be. So, I am beautiful at this size and I will be beautiful at the size I want to be.

Erica's Heart
I am in love with who I am. Love yourself, because nobody else will!


PS. Take it slow. Do not rush life or you are going to miss all the beauty that God created for you on this earth. Look past all the evil that satan wants you to see. If you look through God’s eyes you will see what man can not see. All man wants you to see is the bad in everything, so that you can blame God. But if you just spend time with God, you will see the evil mask that covered God’s beauty. Look at the BEAUTY in GOD’S EYES

Becoming a Healthier Singer 7


I am excited about what has happened since the last time I blogged! I finally went to the gym! Planet Fitness to be exact! I started Sunday 12am to Wednesday 12am. My husband and I go late because it is not that many people there. I know I have not been blogging what I eat consecutively but that will change today.

I am going to start with what I ate Wednesday at work. I can’t remember everything but I will do my best to remember.

March 29th 2017 Wednesday

From PDQ: Honey Butter Sandwich with Grilled Chicken/Bacon, Fries and a Ginger ale
From PDQ: 8 Crispy Nuggets ( I ate this while I was working)
Bottle of Ginger ale
-It’s crazy but I truly believe that is all I ate! 

March 30th 2017 Thursday

From PDQ: 2 oz cups of baked almonds/7 crispy nuggets
From PDQ: Grilled Chicken Sandwich with cheese and pickles and Fries 2 cups of ginger- ale
From PDQ: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie ( Only ate because I was hungry)
3 teaspoons of Nutella
-at the end of shift I had a cup of water




That will be all for now. I think things are starting to look a little better for me, I even feel my body changing a little. I also feel more energetic since working out



Becoming a Healthier Singer 6

The struggle

Ok, Guys! I have not been doing too well with the eating. I’ve changed my title for this journey of being a healthier me because I am having trouble with staying away from foods that are good to my taste buds and inner fat girl!. I work in a restaurant that has nothing but crispy chicken, burgers, fried zucchini, fries that are put in grease and cooked to golden perfection! but on the other hand there are grilled options as well. See the problem is, is that when I am burning calories by walking back forth and cleaning when there’s time to clean. I think in my mind that I should eat something fattening that way I will not be hungry later on.

I do not mind eating grilled, matter of fact I love grilled. But I feel that when I moved around so much in the restaurant, that by eating grilled I will become hungry more quickly.  I don’t know! May be I need to look up about calories and what to eat so that you will not get hungry so fast?

Here is my list of  what I ate on (03/24/2017) and (03/25/2017):

03/24/2017 Thursday

-Cup of coffee ( at night time at PDQ – where I work) I was very tired. I did back to back doubles: 10am-10pm)
-Buffy Bleu Crispy Tender Sandwich w/fries ( was very hungry)
-1/2 peanut butter cookie
-Juice box
-Cup of heath bits (2oz) – Only because of energy ( I was very tired)
-6 crispy nuggets
-2 grilled tenders

This list above is throughout the day not in one setting.

03/25/2017 Friday

-5 Crispy Tenders 4 dip in buffy bleu sauce and 1 tender by itself with ranch dipping sauce
-1 cup of ginger ale
-1/2 peanut butter chocolate chip
-1 crispy tender
-10 fries

I know above looks very bad, but I really do hope that at the end, I still have good results. I still have about 9 months to go until 2018. Hopefully I will see a new me. But the way things are going, it seems very unfortunate! But we shall see.