I can not wait …

I can not wait until I make it to where I want to be, then I will see who the fake people are!!

I already see fake people around me just by how I know I do not have as much as them and how they may treat me differently because they are able to buy certain things in life that at this moment I can not afford (at this moment) soon and very soon- I will have the money to get whatever I want. I just wish there were more people in this world that was not so materialistic. I wish I could eliminate materialistic people, lol. Just joking!!!! I think-lol




Happy Father’s Day

When Mother’s Day came around…. It was about losing a mother, and not being able to share that special day with that mother. Well today I just want to say, that I am honored to be able to spend time with my father today and to the ones who’s father has went up to glory.. I know the pain-it might not have been with my father but losing my mother measures about up to the same.

Sometimes, I wonder if one day I wake up or I go to work and come home to received a call that he has past- just because I lost my mother 5 years ago.

But anyway, I thank God for allowing  my father to be able to see today and many more. And for the ones that don’t have  a father in your life (not because of death), be proud of that, because you are a better person because of his non-existence. Love him anyway even if your father was never in your life “for some reason”.  Just thank God that even if your physical father is not in your life at least you have a father in heaven who cares about  you and was your father from  the get go before you were CONCEIVED.

Also- sometimes when a father or mother was not in your life for sometime, you have to understand what they were going through-people have problems and you need to understand before you condemned them about not being in your life( especially if you are up in age)-you know what I  mean!. (even if it hurts like hell) Believe I know- I have cousins in my family that basically grew up without a father, or they know were their father is at but barely have a relationship with him.


Love you all and have a Happy Father’s Day!

Long TIme, No See!!!

Sorry I have not been writing a post a day. The reason is because of work!!! Very time consuming and when I get home I am tired. I still trying to find a way to stop myself from going to sleep. For the first time in my life I want to stay awake and make my dreams come true. I am sick and tired of sleeping.But I do have some good news!!!  But I will talk about that in July!!!  


I almost became homeless,but God. I have had 3 encounters of losing my home and God came through each time. But, what was so weird is that..This third time when we almost lost the house…. I did not care about being homeless. I just left it up to  God and I said to myself ” it is what it is” and I was happy. Does that sound normal or abnormal? I don’t know, but trusting in God is the  best thing that I can do to keep my sanity.  

Your “VISION”-Let It Bloom In Front Of The World

I want to share something with the world and I really want everyone to take this in….. I am so serious about what I am going to say that I want it to touch everyone and I mean everyone……It might even help that one person who is being Peer Pressured.


When you have a dream that is permeated in your heart, DON’T  LET IT GO!… Make your dreams come alive in this world. Do not let anyone tell you that it is not worth pursuing because they do not see your VISION. If they don’t believe in what your vision is about then don’t ever tell them about your plans of having a successful life. Even with friends/co-workers, you will know if they share the same mindset as you, just by having a simple conversation with them-and if they don’t share your VISIONcut them lose from your professional lifeYOUR dream, YOUR vision.




Don’t Stop! being who YOU are, and what YOU are trying to succeed in life; just because your family/co-workers/or friends don’t believe in YOU. If YOU stop pursuing your dreams YOU just prove them right and then YOU are not happy. Even if you fail, it still does not prove them right, it just means YOU need to find others ways to change the world or continue working on your successful life-it just means you are closer to your success. Believe me, I have failed plenty of times…and I feel it in my bones and have faith in God that I am closer then I have ever been.


If you don’t believe in yourself, then how are you ever going to make your dream come alive! Disney said it best, “A dream that you wish will come true”. Don’t trust in anyone to support YOU or believe in what YOU are doing to make your life better.

“Always trust God and believe in yourself”

You are the only one that is going to make a difference-Make it now :)-Erica Simpson-Guthman




My FuTuRe QuiEtlY AwaiTs ME…….


Sorry I have not been posting lately, I have been very tired from working and sick for the past 2 days..But I am better and more relaxed then ever ( but that should not stop me from doing what I need to do to get where I need to go!!!) Now, on to what I want to talk about today…….

I know in my previous post I mention about a rough draft of a  book I wrote. I have finish my rough draft but now I am going to put it on hold and concentrate on this competition (AMTC-Actor,Models, And Talents For Christ) this competition will be held during the Winter-the end of December 2014. I am going to be submitting a “video and monologue” via the internet and then I will be judge base of those two videos. Plus, I have to do an essay on why I want to be apart of AMTC “basically, what can I bring to AMTC”. Almost like a job, but I am actually doing what I want to do with my life. If I am picked, I will be going to Orlando!!. It will take a lot of hard work but if this is what I want, then what is hard work? It is going to be fun and interesting but I think my life will really change this year, when I enter this competition. I have a lot I am going to be getting ready for before I do my videos. So. until then, look out for Erica’s Future! I am so excited…. I really do pray this changes my Life… I feel like this is my only way out of the way my life is right now and getting out of JACKSONVILLE!!!!!!!!


Please pray for continued success….. 🙂




Just saying “Thank You”!

I guess not all the time I have to write an essay on my blog,lol. So, I guess I will just say that I appreciate everyone who took the time out to follow me and to read my post. I feel honored and special that there is someone out there in the world who cares about my opinions/thoughts. I just want to say thank you to all and God bless.



Just want to say thank you to all.... Love Ya!
Just want to say thank you to all…. Love Ya!



The “Bipolar” Gospel Singer 2

I have made my decision to choose another alternative then taking medication. I am going to find ways to combat my Bipolar w/o popping the ZOMBIES. I read on a lot of websites today that said, “You have to take medicine for your bipolar”, and I just don’t agree with that.  And I have two reasons why……..

1. I remember a few years back when I spoke with my Primary Care Physician, he told me that before I result in taking the pill I should try reading a book or exercising. So, if a doctor has faith in me then why can I try other ways to deal with my bipolar?

2. I serve a God that believes that I can do anything through Christ that strengthens me. Whatever you speak in your life so shall it be- I speak that I don’t need to take any medicine even though I have my moments!!! Guys, I really believe that I can be deliver from this illness without the pills. If it does result in me taking the pills then so be it….But until then, I am in war with the (ZOMBIES -MEDICATION) and I am going to win with God and my husband on my side.


I am not trying to put anyone down that takes their medication, because if you need it then you need it. I just choose NOT  to take it. That is just my choice. But, I advise anyone that is taking medication for “any mental illness”- to continue taking it.  I do not know how severe it maybe. My bipolar is not as bad as others.. So, I am able to control it a little.

Just to let you know I did have a episode ( 05/21/2014 Wednesday) out of nowhere, but with prayer and pleading to God and talking to my husband… I got through it. There are always going to be trials in life but you choose how you go through it- and if that solutions works, then stick with it. God did not say, it would be easy!!!


If I take medication, this is exactly what I would look like.
If I take medication, this is exactly what I would look like.

The “Bipolar” Gospel Singer

I face the world with my voice.


I think I finally have come to terms with the fact that I am “BIPOLAR”… And I came to realization when I was at church. And what makes  this illness and I so unique is because I am a “SINGER” that is “BIPOLAR”. Crazy, huh?  I was making a decision of, if  I was going to leave the church because I felt so distant and scattered. Well, as I search for an answer from God I finally figured out that it was me and not the church and I was pushing everybody else away; people on the worship team and the people closest to me in the congregation. I came to this conclusion yesterday night @ church May 18,2014 Sunday-( They had a special where it was  just worship) when I was going to make my decision of staying away from others in the church and not going back to my church.

While doing worship, I began to ask  God what should I do and what is wrong with me? Why am I acting the way that I I am acting? And then I just started singing to Him and worshiping and not worrying about how I sound. And after that, I broke down crying hard and said, “its me!”; I am an emotional person and I am “BIPOLAR”!

I let everything bother me, I put my heart into everything to the point it is deadly, I dissect every subtle thing a person may do or say to me; I cry because of sensitivity and I cry when nothing is bothering me, I think about cutting but I never take action ( like I use too, which is a good thing) I love so hard that if I get hurt, I take the hurt in deeply and I begin to pull away so that I want get hurt.

I sound like a nut case don’t I? Even called myself a: “Freak” But I turned the word “Freak” into “The Bipolar Gospel Singer”-which I think is pretty unique for me. I turn something that is an illness into something creative!

I am trying to deal with these problems without taking medication, but after being more detailed with my husband and telling my  pastors and my worship leader what I am dealing with- they all agree that I should get back on my medicine. The reason of me telling them about my past and what I am going through today—-is because I had them very confused on my actions and the way I presented my behavior towards them.  And I know they were questioning my every motive. Now, that they have an understanding of what my problem is, things are going to get better for me in church and with my personal life.

My bipolar is not as bad as it use to be but I do have my moments.

After revealing my illness, I kinda stayed to myself today at work ( May 19,2014 Monday) so that I would not aggravate my bipolar, and it worked-I mean I still spoke to people but I did not allow my personality to show like I usually do at work-and a person that has bipolar knows where I am coming from. I believe that I am going to take the medication but I will only take half. God is still working on me But, I am still debating. So, I have not Succumb to the Zombies yet. Even if I do start taking my medicine I have to search around for a free clinic because I do not have insurance to go see a psychiatrist.


I am learning to deal with my illness by putting God first and just accepting that I might have it forever or  it might be temporary. Who knows? All I know is that I have been winning since I was 17 🙂

The faces of Bipolar
The Faces of Bipolar


 SIDE NOTE: Bipolar is very irritating and it can mess your life up and the people you love if you are not  taking medication or trying out ways to deal with it. Just like cancer-FIGHT IT!, until you are delivered from the illness. I  know I told you in my previous post that I was delivered from taking the medication, and I still am,even if I am going to cont taking the medication……. I speak positivity over  my life and I believe that God will heal me. Remember it was  my decision to get off the pill.. Not God. I will con’t to consult with the Holy Spirit more on other ways to substitute medication for other ways to help my bipolar.



Either click or copy and paste in your browser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAx8HCFJgiw