Mind racing with thoughts

This is my 3rd post for today and the last for tonight. I walked for an 1 hr in a half but, and I was on a mission to go to the store; the thing is, is that while almost to the store….. I forgot my wallet.  I have to blame that on “having a lot on my mind”,lol. But, seriously… I had a lot on my mind. Any who, I went back home and got my wallet and walk back to the store; After I got what I needed I then went back home. While I was walking, I was listening to my gospel music and the song I love out of all the songs I have on my iPod (christian/gospel music) was Holy by Kim Walker. That song is so anointing, it speaks to my spirit every time I listen and sing along with the song. I know I am speaking to God when I sing “Holy”.  When you hear her sing it, you know she is talking to God, it almost feel like she is talking directly to God. I will upload a video of me singing that song…I want the instrumental for it so I can sing with it. I am going to chill with the a-capella for now, I love singing with no music, but I want to hear music while I sing. However, while listening to the song, I felt the enemy trying to make me go back to my old ways- I will talk about that later. And while he was tempting me, I continue to  worship God through song. I was not going to let him (satan) have any glory. The only one who was going to get glory from me was from God.